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First Year


Subject Code Field of Study
M 11011 Myanmar
E 11011 English
EM 11011 Engineering Mathematics I
E.Ch 11011 Engineering Chemistry
E.Ph 11011 Engineering Physics
ME 11011 Basic Engineering Drawing
McE 11011 Introduction to Mechatornics I


Second Year


Subject Code Field of Study
E 21011 English
EM 21003 Engineering Mathematics III
McE 21016 Engineering Circuit Analysis I
McE 21012 Factory Control Engineering I
McE 21015 Engineering Mechanic I
ME 21012 Workshop Technology


Third Year


Subject Code Field of Study
E 3011 English
EM 3011 Engineering Mathematics
ME 3031 Design of Machine Elements
McE 3034 Thermodynamic and Strength of Materials
ME 3015 Dynamics of Machinery
EcE 3015 Microprocessor
McE 3012 Integrated Electronics
McE 3013 Modeling and Control


Fourth Year


Subject Code Field of Study
E 4011 English
EM 4011 Engineering Mathematics
ME 4028 Industrial Management
McE 4013 Modern Control System
IT 4036 Computer Integrated Manufacturing
McE 4032 Robotic Analysis
ME 4019 Computer Application in Mechanical Engineering
EcE 4012 Power Electronics

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