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BE (Civil)

First Year


Subject Code Field of Study
M11011 Myanmar
E11011 English
EM 11011 Engineering Mathematics
E Ch 11011 Engineering Chemistry
E Ph 11011 Engineering Physics
CE 11022 Building Materials and Construction
ME 11011 Basics Engineering Drawing


Second Year


Subject Code Field of Study
E 21011 English
EM 21003 Engineering Mathematics III
CE 21012 Civil Engineering Drawing
EP 21013 Applied Electrical Engineering
ME 21015 Engineering Mecahanics
CE 21019 Workshop Technologies and practices
CE 21011 Surveying I


Third Year


Subject Code Field of Study
E 3011 English
EM 3011 Engineering Mathematics
CE 3013 Structure II
CE 2014 Design of Timber Structure
CE 3024 Design of Steel Structure
Geol 3011 Engineering Geology
CE 3017 Highway and Traffic Engineering
CE 3011 Astronomy,Photogrammetry and Adjustment of Survey


Fourth Year


Subject Code Field of Study
E 4011 English
EM 4011 Engineering Mathematics
CE 4014 Design of Concrete Structures
CE 4015 Geotechnical Engineering
CE 4026 Engineering Hydrology
CE 4016 Hydraulic Engineering and Applied Hydraulics
CE 4017 Railway and Airport Engineering
CE 4018 Environmental Engineering I
CE 4012 Civil Engineering Construction Technology and Engineering Economics




Subject Code Field of Study
E 5011 English
CE 5012 Construction Engineering Management and Human Resources Management
CE 5014 Design of Selected Structure
CE 5016  Design of Hydraulic Structures
CE 5018 Environmental Engineering II
CE 5013 Structures III
CE 5015 Foundation Engineering

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