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BE (Electrical Power)

First Year


Subject Code Field of Study
M 11011 Myanmar
E 11011 English
EM 11001 Engineering Mathematics
E.Ch 11011 Engineering Chemistry
E.Ph 11011 Engineering Physics
EP 11011 Principle of Electrical Engineering I
ME 11011 Basic Engineering Drawing


Second Year


Subject Code Field of Study
E 21011 English
EM 21003 Engineering Mathematics
EP 21014 Basic Electronics I
EP 21011 Electrical Engineering Circuit Analysis I
ME 21015 Engineering Mechanics
EP 21021 Electromechanics I
EP 21026 Generation, Transmission and Distribution


Third Year


Subject Code Field of Study
E 3011 English
EM 3011 Engineering Mathematics
EP 3026 Generation, Transmission and Distribution
EP 3041 Electromechanics
EP 3033 Electromagnetic Fields and Engineering Materials
EcE 3024 Computer Science
EP 3025 Electrical Measurement and Instrumentation
EP 3032 Electrical Transient
EP 3024 Power Electronics and Drives


Fourth Year


Subject Code Field of Study
E 4011 English
EM 4011 Engineering Mathematics
ME 4028 Industrial Management
EP 4018 Power System
EP 4027 Linear System
EP 4036 Power System Design
EP 4028 Control Engineering (PLC)
EP 4042 Power System Analysis I




Subject Code Field of Study
E 5011 English
EP 5043 Electromechanical Energy Convension
EP 5002 Power System Optimization
EP 5028 Industrial Motor Drives and Control
EP 5032 Power System and Industrial Management
EP 5042 Power System Analysis II
EP5012 Power System Stability and Control Engineering Design
EP 5022 Power System Protection

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