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BE (Information Technology)

First Year


Subject Code Field of Study
M 11011 Myanmar
E 11011 English
EM 11001 Engineering Mathematics I
E.Ch 11011 Engineering Chemistry
E.Ph 11011 Engineering Physics
ME 11011 Basic Engineering Drawing
IT 11013 Introduction to Computer System


Second Year


Subject Code Field of Study
E 21011 English
EM 21003 Engineering Mathematics III
IT 21011 Basic Electricity and Electronics
IT 21012 Digital Logic Design
IT 21021 Programming Language in C++
IT 21051 Data Communications
IT 21041 Web Development Technologies


Third Year


Subject Code Field of Study
E 3011 English
EM 3011 Engineering Mathematics
IT 3015 Data Structure
IT 3013 Digital Design
IT 3025 Object Oriented Programming in Java
IT 3026 Advanced Web Development Technologies
IT 3016 Database Management Systems
IT 3012 Data Communications


Fourth Year


Subject Code Field of Study
E 4011 English
EM 4011 Engineering Mathematics
IT 4012 Advanced Computer Networks
IT 4022 Computer Architecture
IT 4036 Computer Integrated Manufacturing
IT 4017 Analog and Digital Control
IT 4016 Advanced Data Management Techniques
IT 4026 Advanced Java Programming Language




Subject Code Field of Study
E 5011 English
IT 5012 TCP/IP
IT 5025 Artificial Intelligence
IT 5022 Computer Architecture
IT 5013 Digital Signal Processing
IT 5016 Computer Graphics and Applications
IT 5017 Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks
IT 5015 Programming Languages and Compiling Techniques

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